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What Makes EcoFan Filters Different?

by EcoFan Filters on October 13, 2022

As climate change and our reliance on fossil fuels drags on, many of us are on the hunt to find ways to avoid air pollution or mitigate the potential damage it can do.

Many have turned to Home Air Purifiers which is a wonderful solution to improve lung and overall health. But what do most Air Purifiers get wrong?

The majority of Air Purifiers are made from plastic. Yes, it makes them more durable but at what cost? It's contributing to the ever increasing plastic found in landfills and the raw crude oil and coal used to manufacture plastic air purifier casings.

Ecofan Filters do not use plastic in it's manufacturing nor uses a plastic casing. We use recycled paper, activated carbon filters and Merv 13 fabric.

Most Air Purifiers need an electrical outlet to work. Ecofan Filters? We use the rotation of a ceiling fan to purify the air. This uses a negligible amount of electricity as compared to your traditional air purifier.

Traditional Air Purifiers, at least most of them, are manufactured in China. Ecofan Filters are handmade here in the USA and employees are paid a living wage. We're a small business and we pride ourselves on our craft.

Our pricing is 80% less than traditional air purifiers. We keep pricing as low as possible and we're typically less than the cost to replace the filter in a traditional air purifier.

Next time you're on the market for something to purify the air in your home, take a moment and consider who you're supporting and how that contributes to our beautiful little planet.