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Why I'm Committed To Being Eco-friendly

by EcoFan Filters on January 11, 2023
These days, it seems like the hip thing to do is be eco-friendly. We ask for paper straws at the juice bar. We take our own tote bags to the grocery store. And we bring our reusable thermos to the coffee shop.
To be completely honest, I don't mind those who are hopping onto the bandwagon with no deep conviction. It's helping our planet and causing beneficial ripples throughout many industries.
I'm not one of those people. I live and breathe this lifestyle. I buy things for life. There's a great subreddit to explore these items; it's called Buy It For Life. It's all about practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last. Some are more eco-friendly than others but I'm not buying more of these new items every few months/years. Which reduces sending plastic packaging to landfills and saves our precious planet's resources. At least a little bit.
I tend to avoid the news but when I do catch a glimpse, it's always pessimistic. The polar ice shelf is melting. Climate change will be the demise of humanity. The Amazon rainforest continues to dwindle in size. Precious and delicate ecosystems are being disturbed and sometimes destroyed by our capitalistic greed.
While it's important to be aware of these issues, they have been going on for years, sometimes decades. So I choose to be a positive force of change in the world. To do my part. To take action because I know our world isn't going to get any better if I don't do my part. I choose to take action. To vote with my wallet. To change the world immediately around me by building eco-friendly habits. By telling my friends, family and strangers why I'm passionate about this mission.
I have a daughter. And I want to leave this place for her better than I found it. I want her to enjoy all the beauty and wonder this planet has to offer.
That's why I do what I do. Why I avoid fast fashion. Why I bring tote bags to the grocery store. Why I walk or ride my bike whenever possible. And why I opt to support eco-friendly companies who are passionate about saving our planet.
Because our children deserve a better future. And humanity deserves a planet intact with abundant resources. We shouldn't have to worry about these things. This is why I'm committed to the eco-friendly lifestyle.